Go Green, Go Digital

Focus on digital, in addition to print ...

We now live in a digital world and the digital industry is growing faster than print. Distribute your content all over the world with a single click.

Let's start something completely new together ...

You don’t have to stop the current print publishing.

But you can start digital publishing as an add-on at just US$ 99.

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Why Readwiz?

more reach ...

As we live in an Era of Digitalization, Readwiz helps you to publish your contents digitally and thereby reaching a much wider audience through smartphones, tablets and PC’s.

more profit ...

More reach will pave way for more ad revenue with more advertising options like YouTube video redirections, web redirections, additional ad images and digital subscriptions revenue.

at a low cost ...

We focus on more reach and more revenue at low cost. Publish your content digitally for a year at a cost that may seem negligible when compared to your one month’s printing and distribution cost.

in a click ...

Readwiz offers you a user friendly CMS using which you can upload your PDF’s with a simple click and make your content digital in no time.

with report ...

Get customized reports & analytics of your published contents for a deeper analysis. You can analyse details such as number of downloads, total reading time, popular content, advertisement effectiveness, demographics etc.

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  • What is Readwiz?

    Readwiz is a digital publishing platform enabling the digitalization of magazines, books, newsletters, brochures, catalogues, etc.

  • Where can I publish?

    You can publish your branded apps on Appstore, Playstore and Web.

  • Why should I publish digitally?

    To reach a global audience and multiply your revenue generating possibility without having to invest a huge amount.

  • How much does Readwiz cost?

    To get a quote that fits your budget please get in touch with us.