The best digital magazine publishing tool
for publishing online magazines

Are you a small publisher or a publishing company looking to publish your magazines online?

Become a publisher online by creating digital magazines as easy as drawing boxes and making few clicks. Get your own digital magazine app and start self publishing your contents to your readers in mobile, desktops and web.


Readwiz designer tool   

Upload your PDF diectly or create extremely interactive digital magazines using Readwiz designer tool.


Readwiz CMS

Publish magazines from a powerful content management system. Manage the complete publishing process with online CMS.


Your magazine app

Get extraordinary interactive digital magazine apps in iOS, Android, windows and in web too.


Interactive digital magazines

Create extremely interactive digital magazines for your readers. Add Slideshows, videos, audio files, web redirections, animations and much to your e-magazine.

Do all this by making few clicks and doing some drag and drop.

Reading magazines online and offline

Get a magazine app where your readers can read magazines online or offline whenever they want. Track user interactvity and advertisement effectiveness even without internet.


Double up your
advertisement revenue

Readwiz' intuitive advertisement features will help you learn where advertisements will make more impact and place advertisements accordingly. Get reports for measuring advertisement Impact. 


Set up your own
digital library

Provide your readers a repository of all your magazines. Get a digital library of all your magazines and get an opportunity to sell your previous editions without having to work for it. Publish and distribute magazines in multiple categories through a single magazine app.

Increase user subscriptions by going digital

push notifications

Send messages and offers to your customers through push notifications. Keep your customers engaged to your brand by constantly keeping in touch with them.


Update magazine In
real time

Don’t worry if you have made a editorial mistake when you published your magazines online. Update a magazine which is already published.

Provide additional content to the existing online magazines by using the Readwiz update feature. Build brand loyalty. 



Readwiz provide intelligent business analytics options to learn more about your digital publishing business.

Get statistics and reports on user interactions with your magazine and get details including number of downloads, demographics, subscriptions advertisement effectiveness etc. 

Your publishing business
in your control

Let your readers read free magazines online or
get them to pay for your content

Manage subscriptions

Set up magazine subscription methods
as you wish.

Set pricing

Decide payment and pricing options
on your own. 

Control advertisements

Advertisement placements and revenue
all under your control.


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